Corinna Balkow for the European Parliament

A Europe for all. That is my passion. The idea of the European project is unique.

It offers an opportunity for protecting our climate and making change that is socially and meaningfully equitable.

I am convinced that it will be decided at European level whether we shape a common future in the climate crisis or fall back on national fronts.

The needs of children must be given greater consideration.

Inclusion and social coexistence can be strengthened through a fairer distribution of income and resources.

My aim is positive change in the different social conditions of coexistence through active policies for children, young people and families.

Future-proof mobility is an important issue for me.

We need to ensure that people and goods can keep moving, while at the same time promoting the phase-out of fossil fuels.

In digital policy, I would like to strengthen the EU institutions as a counterweight to the ever-increasing influence of tech companies.

Only if we formulate the goal that the internet and social media are understood and regulated as infrastructure can we change the individualistic focus of current regulations.

I am Corinna Balkow, member of the German Green Party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), and my topics are mobility for all, sustainable design of algorithmic systems, as well as a sustainable child and family policy and I am running for the European elections in June 2024!